Starting January 2020, you can participate in our Keto Chow Rewards program – earn points on purchases, refer your friends, or by sharing your love of Keto Chow on social media. Joining is easy: just log into your account (or create an account) in the Keto Chow shopping cart, this will show you the rewards program dashboard

Keto Chow rewards dashboard

When you click on the different headers at the top of the dashboard it will show you your rewards history, how you can earn rewards points, and how you can spend rewards points

Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards Points

Spend Rewards

Spend Rewards Points

Say you want to share Keto Chow with a friend: simply go to the dashboard, click “Earn Points” and then “Refer a Friend” – it’ll show you the link to send to your friends. Once they complete their first purchase with Keto Chow, your reward points will be automatically added to your account!

You also earn points just by joining the program and points for every purchase you make. The purchase points are a little special in that there’s a 7-day waiting period from when the order ships to when the points are awarded. Also, if an order is canceled, refunded or partially refunded – the points that were earned for the amount canceled or refunded will be deducted from your rewards account.

To spend or redeem rewards points you head back to the dashboard and click on “My Rewards” – select the reward you wish to redeem and the system will auto-generate a one-time coupon code for you to use, it’ll also email you the code. Most of the time that’ll be a $ off coupon – make sure you add the code to your shopping cart! Please note that only one discount code can be used at a time.

Discount Code Box

Once you redeem your points, the record of that will be shown in your “History” on the dashboard, really handy if you delete the email with the code. We cannot reverse the action once you redeem points for a reward. Also, the code will only work once, so don’t share it!

One final note: If you create an account AFTER placing an order (so you missed out on the rewards for that order), you can contact us to get credit for that order. Orders placed before we launched the rewards program, unfortunately, cannot be credited to your account, however.